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What is a handcuff security cover?

It's a device that many have tried to invent.
In 1971 two Michigan State Correctional Officers, Stefanson and Cullip invented the first successful box type handcuff cover for protecting handcuff keyways and restricting hand movement for a higher level of security in the restraint and transport of inmates, it became known as the Black box and has been in use for fifty years.

Box type handcuff security covers are good for protecting handcuff keyways but they have never been appropriate for use in the restraint of inmates for a timely transport, for when applied to handcuffs the handcuffs become a ridged straight angle that applies pressure to the wrist causing pain and distress. This pain and distress has been overlooked and tolerated simply because there has been no viable alternative to a box type handcuff cover for protecting handcuff keyways.

In 1981 as a new correctional officer at a maximum security special needs facility, I was asked to assist in the restraint of an inmate for transport. That's where I first saw a box type handcuff cover being used in the restraint of an inmate. The transport Corporal Ed Hays stated to me as he applied the handcuff cover, "I don't like using this but we are required by policy, you can't relax your arms without cutting circulation to the hands, someone needs to come up with something better than this".

At that time as I observed, I thought if the security cover just had angled ends it would allow hands and arms to relax in an appropriate posture. Well I retained that vision of angled ends and later in my career I thought it worth while to try and make a handcuff cover with angled ends, it seemed simple at the time but turned out to be complicated and as the years went by over 80 prototypes were made.

Today in 2021, 40 years after that first vision the Sisco Handcuff Security Cover with angled ends sets a new high standard for safety and security in the restraint of high risk inmates for transport.

I congratulate Stefanson and Cullip on their 50th anniversary of inventing the Black box, it has been an aid to security in the restraint of inmates for 50 years.

Glenn Sisco
Sisco Restraint Systems