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A New Future in Restraint

Jacqueline Hall - Sales Manager

Jacqueline, a former correctional officer, says
"Sisco handcuff security covers represent Respect and give Dignity in high-risk inmate restraint."

Sisco Handcuff Security Covers set a new high standard for safety and security in the restraint for transport of high risk inmates / prisoners. It means improved efficiency in transport operations, enhanced security for the transport officer and reduced physical stress on the individual being transported.

Reviewed by

Jonathan Pritchett, GS-11 Transport Lieutenant *Ret

Sisco Handcuff Security Covers greatly reduce pressure on the wrists and inmate distress during transport as compared to box type handcuff covers. Works perfect with Peerless handcuffs.

Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections

*Now Exporting to Germany!*